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answered LKPR Václav Havel Airport Prague only MSFS !?

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Hi Orbx & Everyone,


One of my eyes is crying, the other is laughing ...
Today I saw new pictures uploaded to the upcoming products page at LKPR Airport.
I was very happy about that.
Only for a very short time,
For a long, very long time there were very initial images out there and that P3D V4 + ...
And now!
Microsoft Flight Simulator only!:o
The recently released:
Orbx - Prague Airport | Microsoft Flight Simulator + Prepar3D v4 + [Official Trailer]
There, P3D too!
Sadly, I would like to ask and ask for information on how it will be then.
Will it be or not P3D ... version !?
Maybe, after that, it’s not such a “difficult question” that Orbx wouldn’t be able to answer that.
I would just like to indicate, and still be, what I have described several times:
Not only MSFS is in the simulator world !!!
The information may not be special and unfulfilled requests.
For my part, I use P3DV5.2.
I think there are still a lot of us doing this so that ...
So by the end the big question.
Will there be an LKPR P3DV5.xx version too !?

Thank you, and on behalf of everyone, if we can get some "official" answer to this.


All the best and regards,

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I would like to make one more "small" comment.
On the Products / Europe / Simulator / FSX / P3D page, there was LKPR upcoming product status back in the week.
Now, it's deleted from there.
Whoever deleted this, and "officially", would not have been "correct" to give some information on the forum to those who, as I wrote, have been waiting a long time, waiting for LKPR ...? (Also for P3Dxx version!)
So, that would be expected of Orbx ...!
I didn't think of an exact date now.
Maybe I think these are wrong !?
If anyone supports me in seeing me, I'd ask them to "+1" ...


Thank you and greetings

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3 hours ago, 737fpeter said:

Microsoft Flight Simulator only!:o

Read here:


Work continues on the P3Dv4+ version and will be in testing soon for release.



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