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LOWI AI landing on grass and crashing into mountains


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I just rechecked the AI traffic at LOWI and can confirm that everything is working as it should with the correct Orbx supplied APX for LOWI. I can only assume another 3rd party or default APX is overriding the custom APX if you are not seeing the same.


The grass runways will still be referred to in ATIS but are closed for take off and landing. ATC will not recognise them and you will not be able to select them in the Go to Airport option. The only runway choices will be:-

   Active Runway 

   1 (Helipad)

   2 (Helipad)


   3 (Helipad)



If you are not seeing the above, then another APX is active.




This screenshot shows the Start Position for runway 26 as per the Orbx APX. Check that your aircraft is positioned at precisely that spot with your system.    

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Thank you for your prompt reply.


I am running Traffic Global for P3Dv4 as my AI program. The only other APX for LOWI I could find was for traffic global, which I disabled.


As Traffic Global is well under FTX_AA_LOWI in the scenery library, this made no difference.


There is still no difference as to how AI behave. AI GA are still told to land on 07 by ATC and attempt to land on the commercial ramp. 08 and 26 (as well as the 3 helipads) are the only runway choices when spawning. Terminal Waypoints seem haphazard.




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It would appear that from you aircraft position for runway 26 and the list of runway options available, the Orbx APX for LOWI is active and working. It is also possible there is another APX active under a slightly different ICAO. It is a trick some developers use to ensure particular aircraft only use certain runways. Orbx YSCB Canberra and NZQN Queenstown are two examples of this method.


Given that you are seeing aircraft land on runway 07 as well as the commercial ramp, I suspect this may be the case here. This is purely speculation on my part as I know nothing about Traffic Global and how it works.


You could check this theory by placing your aircraft in the middle of LOWI and selecting Navigation/Map from the drop down menu. Zoom in as close as you can and see if there are any other runways under a different ICAO code in addition to the correct LOWI ones.   

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For me this is not a priority, but has been an irritant for several years, so a quick solution is not required. Any advice on the next step would be welcome.


As you can see 8L 8C and 7 are all present under LOWI. Any way to look up the helipad JFLI separately (Orbx?)? (Note that 7 appears to have its own ILS)

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Your problem may be JFLI. This would appear to be an overlaid APX with a runway designated 07. As you can see from my screenshot, I do not have that airport or runway. I do not have Traffic Global installed so wonder if this is coming from that package.




I also note that runway 07 seems to be positioned about where the main apron is which would explain your earlier observation re aircraft landing on the commercial ramp.


Could I suggest you check your install of Traffic Global and see if it has an APX for JFLI. If so, disable it and see if this sorts the problem.   

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Traffic Global has a plethora of dummy airports/helipads with the prefix J, something to keep in mind for developers and support personnel. I have disabled LOWI and JFLI in the Traffic Global folder and are testing further. Results so far are discouraging.

There is not much AI traffic using this airport and what I have been able to catch, AI GA disappear before getting to LOWI, and commercial traffic still approach from the eastern mountains and still attempt to land on 08L. Will keep on looking for strange AFPX. Thanks for your assistance.

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