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EU Norway missing Autogen Citycenters

Peter w

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i purchased Norway and installed it for the first time. Everything works fine and correctly. But exactly in the citycenters of the bigger cities, like Oslo, Bergen (on image) and Trondheim the whole autogen is missing. Just a little further out, the autogen is correctly shown again. When i disable Norway and use openLC Europe only, everything works correctly. I also tried to reinstall the libraries and Norway again, i run the verify files option. I tried to set every slider to 'max'. No improvement. For example in Germany North, South and Ireland, i don't have this Problem. And i don't have installed any third party Addon like 'Airports of Norway' might be causing a conflict.

I have no more Ideas, looking forward your help.


Best regards, Peter



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Hi Doug,

when i noticed the missing autogen the first time, i was on a ultralight aircraft. I only used the F18 for reaching the position again to taking the image.

Another thing i noticed, when i run the troubleshooter i've got the message that in 'FTX_EU_NOR_08_CUSTOM/Texture' some files are missing:












Could this be part of the problem,  or do these files have nothing to do with it?   


Regards, Peter                                                                                                                                         

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That troubleshooter is no longer compatible with anything and is of no use.


You could try a verify files of all your Orbx products including the Orbx Libraries.


In Orbx Central, I would also go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function.

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3 hours ago, Peter w said:

I run verify files already for every product and i reinstalled the libraries.

But what about these 11 Files? They are missing in the texture folder indeed


Regards, Peter


FTX_EU_NOR_08_CUSTOM.zip Can you extract these into the FTX_EU_NOR_08_CUSTOM/texture folder and see if the issue still persists?

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