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TFX Germany - Black tiles and out of memory


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Dear all,


have have issues both with FTX Germany North and South. I didn't want to open two new topics, so combined my issues in one topic. I hope that's ok...


I have re-installed the whole sim. Currently I have installed: P3D V4 HotFix5, Orbx Base, ack, Vector, open LC Europe, Germany North+South, Ireland plus a few other add-on airports and AIG.


For both FTX Germany North and South I have the black tiles issue. I already tried this suggestion, without any improvement. Interestingly, the Ireland Region is not affected by this issue.





My second problem is seems to be only connected to Germany South. Every time I want to start a flight at Aerosofts Frankfurt, the sim crashes after an extremely long load time, after stocking up my RAM now to 32GB, even without a message. Before, I was notified that I ran out of RAM.


When I disable Germany South via Orbx Central, I have no issue with this airport. Currently, I have 32GB Ram added to my computer. Starting my flight at other add-on airports such as T2G EDDM to the Aerosofts EDDB does not lead to any issue. I can even  start at at an airport close to EDDF and fly to EDDF. However, in this case the textures are initially very blurry and take a long time to load during flight (at 220 knots).


 Also, is the satellite picture of the Frankfurt city centre really meant to look like this?




I would really appreciate some tips and ideas on this issue. I would be really sad if I had to delete Germany North and South altogether from my computer.


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