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Impulse livery packages

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On a number of occasions - I have taken up the offer of the free livery packages shown in Central

Firstly the RFD Packs - and this week the Livery packs for the default 320 and 787

On each occasion - after installing via Central - MS2020 does not accept them in the content manager


I have just tried again - and opened the relative file in Community and all that is there is a notepad file entry


has anyone else had a similar problem with these Australian liveries

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3 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello John,

I tried one and it seemed to work as expected:




You don't need the Content Manager for Orbx installations.

Do they appear as optional liveries for the aircraft?



Thanks once again Nick

Never to old to learn something new - i wonder how many of us knew that before you just told me?


So when Content manager tells you that something in Community is not installed - if it appears in the sim -  CM

is to be ignored and the file can be left in community? - and de-ticked in CM


 - since the  answer to your question - is Yes !!!:o - they are in the liveries - so all's well ----- I think ???


So now to try the FD ones

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