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announcement IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 1.0.1 update

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Hi all, an update is now available on Orbx Central for the F-35.




- Added reference to Asobo Common behaviors to fix throttle issue introduced by
- Added missing lights on IPP control panel
- Added IPP BIT sequence (slightly shorter than IRL) and cooldown
- Fixed color of BINGO line on MFD (was while, is yellow IRL)
- Added missing IPP "BURN" indication on MFD
- Rectified trim symbology in FCS page
- Rectified wing fold symbology in FCS (for C model) and added aileron icons
- Rectified hook symbol in FCS page
- Rectified trim setting color in FCS page
- Fixed ICAO code for F-35B
- Changed ATC codes for all aircraft
- Fixed missing entries in F-35A and C engine models
- Fixed engine rating for F-35B
- Increased battery capacity for all variants
- Fixed mismatched mouse areas in COMMunications page if FAB is SWAPPED
- Fixed non working mouse areas in LITES page if FAB is SWAPPED
- Added trim readout
- Changed Wing Fold caption (now reads spread or fold, in reality they are separate commands)
- Added numerical reading on control surfaces on FCS page
- Added custom AI sound package

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