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Hi all, updates to REX products are now available on Orbx Central.


REX AccuSeason – Technical Update 1.0 (6.0.2022.0104)

FIXED – Automated preset installation.  
FIXED – Short tree height option not persisting.  
FIXED – Compatibility for Microsoft Flight Simulator v.  
ADDED – Option within the Automation window in which a user can set the desired system time that automation installation is engaged.


REX Real Global Airport Textures – Technical Update 2.1 (6.0.2022.0107)

FIXED – Support for the latest release of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator – Build:  


REX Weather Force – Technical Update 2.2 (6.0.2022.0107)

FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator  
FIXED – Missing weather data when notes field is null  
FIXED – Inaccurate wind and temperature rendering at the surface and aloft.  
FIXED – Rapid pressure changes at higher altitudes  
FIXED – Weather search for airports with specific wind speeds or visibility readings  
FIXED – Aerosol rendering even when disabled  
IMPROVED – Snow rendering formula  
IMPROVED – Frame performance

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