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announcement IndiaFoxtEcho updates

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Hi all, some updates for IndiaFoxtEcho products are available now on Orbx Central.


T-45C Goshawk 1.2.2

Flight model tweaks, throttle lever fix and other improvements:

- Further tweaks to roll rate and pitch authority
- Fixed airspeed indicator colors (external view gauges)
- Improved catapult launch code (now with hold back functionality)
- Increased maximum HUD brightness for better daylight visibility
- Redone all thumbnails with the new capture tool
- Added reference to Asobo Common templates as workaround for generic throttle assignment not working
- Added catapult launch and recovery sound effects
- Updated marketplace product description
- Cleanup of unused code code and files


MB-339 1.3.6

- throttle lever fix to problem introduced by MSFS


Long-EZ 1.2.6 

- Thumbnails redone with new capture tool

- Added reference to Asobo Common template to fix problem with throttle introduced in January Sim Update

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