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answered Volanta CTD

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Hi, I am running Volanta Desktop Version 1.2.3.


I have both P3D v4.5 HF3 and P3D V5.3 HF1+1 installed although I only use P3D V5 and only had the plugin for P3D V5 installed at the time of the CTD, although Volanta keeps asking me to install for P3D V4, which I have since done in case this was related.


I loaded up Volanta without inputting any flight plans or details.  I departed EGPB and headed for EGPM.  All was good until suddenly P3D V5 quit with an error that it Cannot Read from File.  Windows then proceeded to CTD, something I don't ever remember having on Windows 10.


Once Windows rebooted, I noticed an Glob Icon on my desktop called Aircraft and the file properties point to the following location:


file:///C:/Users/kenne/AppData/Local/Programs/Volanta/resources/app.asar/dist/renderer/index.html#/aircraft  This file was created at 20:49 lcoal PC time. 


On checking the Log files contained within the Account page of Volanta, I can see that, for some reason, at 21:26 local PC time,  which is when P3D V5 crashed, Volanta seemed to lose the simconnect.  Up until that time, the log shows reporting times etc.  Things appeared to happen at 21:25 local PC time where it looks like Volanta had maybe restarted?


I have attached the log details and hopfeully this will help diagnose this problem.




Ken Brattey



2022-01-06 Volanta Log.txt

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