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Humble Request for Airports for this Area - PE Network See pics plz


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Hi guys,


I dunno what happened to Xplane 11.55 with Vulcan, but OMG OMG the graphics and beyond amazing with TE products.  See what I own Pic 1 but there is only 1 airport for Socal TE and that is the free one L52.  Can I please have all the other airports for this region including untowered and towered.  So many are in P3D socal.


P3D is crap with default G1000 - majority planes do not even support it, and GTN 750 addon can't get upgraded and then local navdata is not being updated anymore as FSAerodata is out of business.  I get latest airac with Xplane 11 G1000 airplanes.







And can we please get Nevada, Utah, Phoenix, New Mexico, Colardo, idaho, Wyoming, and Montana in TE Form and some more airports.




And here is P3D


Look at all the airports for this region are in this sim - but it is missing SRM area.  It will be awesome to get PE network in TE style...






I know this a fun post but I would love to see more Airport products for these regions in Xplane11


I will settle for all airports for ZLA area only - which is Socal TE - 


Thank You so much for showing mind blowing visuals 





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I agree. This whole area needs a True Earth. I fly ONLY in PilotEdge-territory, and many others are too. :-D 

(also, Idaho is a bush-plane heaven)

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