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File Conversion/Verification Fails

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I've been trying to install the TE Central region for a day or so but keep encountering the file conversion failure. I know this has been brought up many times so I'll run through my setup and what I've tried.


  • I've been into settings and changed the Temp location to an external drive with over 500GB available. Then cleared the cache.
  • I've unticked the 'Automatically backup product install files' and cleared that cache.
  • I've been into the 'Help' section and ran 'Sync Simulator' with success.
  • I've uninstalled all software, and reinstalled it (with running the above steps in between).
  • I've downloaded the C++ distributables suggested on the prereq's page (all of which inform me they're already installed on my machine).


My understanding is that the Central file is around ~75GB, so I would assume my current free space on the C drive would be adequate for now.


Here are some screenshots and the Central log file is attached.



Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!





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