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announcement Digital Design EDDP Leipzig/Halle Airport 1.1.0 update

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Hi all, 


A significant update for Digital Design's EDDP Leipzig/Halle Airport is now available on Orbx Central.



  • A completely new model of the DHL Hangar with animated gates, interiors and high-resolution textures
  • New model of DHL terminal with high resolution textures.
  • Interior model of two DHL offices with animated people.
  • Improved tower model, increased texture resolution, added glass transparency, night illumination
  • Improved taxiway bridge models
  • Improved hangar model "Volga-Dnepr Technics"
  • Improved ground textures using PBR materials
  • Improved custom trees with the addition of LODs
  • New improved models lighting apron masts 
  • Improved some models of buildings in the airport complex.
  • Improved models of apron vehicles
  • Adjusted apron heights, taxiways 
  • Added radar animation
  • Added more LODs for optimization
  • Removed statics aircrafts by popular demand
  • Removed default night light balls
  • Added new models of buildings on the DHL apron
  • Added new vehicles and equipment on the DHL apron
  • Added new buildings of the Amazon cargo complex
  • Added trucks on DHL side
  • Parking stands are optimized for airlines AI traffic
  • Added parallax windows for main airport facilities
  • Fixed bug with when AI traffic stops and cannot take off 
  • Improved the interior of the structure connecting the jetways
  • Improved ortho image of the airport if the user for some reason turns off photogrammetry in settings
  • Improved airport night lighting
  • Numerous minor improvements
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