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ENHF Snow colour problem


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Apparently I got a problem that was fixed via patch in P3Dv3 - Snow on the airport does not match the surrounding area at all.

What I tried:

- Disabling all shader add-ons

- Reinstalling the scenery (after verifying Norway files and doing the VECTOR elevation setup)

- Making sure my insertion points are set up correctly (and the required files from Norway are set off)

- Making sure I have the recommended texture settings enabled

- Changing seasons (does work, only problematic with snow)


P3D ENHF Snow.jpg

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This is the only report I've gotten so far, so I believe this is caused by some addon shaders.


It is quite a process to alter the whiteness of the snow, since the textures are split into many parts. 
But if you wanna try, you can alter the brightness of the snow of the files "apron_1_hw.dds" "apron_2_hw.dds" etc.



I spent quite a long time refining these to make the match 100%



-- Finn

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