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announcement IndiaFoxtEcho MB-339 update 1.3.4

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Hi all, an update for the MB-339 is now available on Orbx Central.


Version 1.3.4 – Flight model improvements, new livery and other minor fixes

- Improvements to high speed roll rate
- High speed drag is now more realistic (resulting in higher speeds)
- Fixed minor bug in GEN1 and GEN2 needles animation
- Fixed minor bug in the behavior of the gear handle warning light
- Redone smoke effects to fix problems due to SU6 and SU7 changes
- Linked IFF mode knob to MSFS transponder state
- Removed custom high G breathing sound (using default sounds now)
- Implemented canopy defrost command
- Added 214mo Gruppo Special Color
- Cockpit shadowing improvements

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