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This Week's Meaningless Topic (#64) (Nov 27)

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Hi all. As far as I can tell, EasternT3 is the youngest of the Neil Hill Lounge gang. He's 23. The rest of us haven't seen 23 for quite some time. It is the obligation of the mature, wise, experienced, opinionated Old Guy to give plenty of unasked-for advice to the young. So here's your chance.


THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: What advice would you give EasternT3 at his tender age of 23?

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Be honest with yourself. Accept that life  doesn't come with a guarantee and even with your best efforts it may not be working

the way you wish. 


But always do the absolute best you possibly can until you learn better.  Then have the wisdom , maturity and humbleness to accept the 

opportunity that is presented to you and embrace change.


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Jean de la Fontaine, in is fable  "le laboureur et ses enfants"  (The farmer and his children) said: Work hard, churn up the earth, dig deep and deeper and you will find a tresor.

The punch line to that fable is: If you work hard, your life will be full of rewards , this is the TRESOR!

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