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2 quick questions about addon linker,


Firstly, I have set up the folders where I want to install my addons, for example I want to install Enhanced AI into the following link, D - MSFS Addons - Utilities, I set up the path in central, and click install and select the utilities option, but within the folder in creates a new folder level called msfs, can I stop central adding this extra level?


Also can I just copy and paste all my Orbx addons from the community folder to new folders without having to reinstall to save a bit of time?



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you cannot stop Orbx Central from adding the msfs folder.

It does this, as well as p3dv4, p3dv5 and xp11 folders so that

a single library can be used to house products from those different simulators.

If you are using an Orbx Central Library, then only shortcuts will be added to the Community folder.

I don't use the Addon Linker but as it seems to do the same, it might be better to use one or the other but not both at the same time.

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First, I let Orbx Central install the scenery into the Community folder (i.e. choose into the simulator). Next, I shift it using the corresponding Addon Linker functionality into a proper directory, i.e., if the scenery is in, say, Australia into


M:\MSFS Addons\Australia


This gives me a folder like


M:\MSFS Addons\Australia\Orbx-cityscape-sydney


That's it. Now you can activate it as needed using the Linker as usual.


If Orbx Central has updates available, I just activate all sceneries (using the green Linker button) creating all links in the Community folder and Orbx Central  forwards the updates via the links properly to the MSFS Addons directory where the scenery sits.


Kind regards, Michael

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