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Narita Night Landing

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I wanted to practice getting the 787 into Narita at night & took the Lufthansa livery for a short run in.

I found, as is often the case when I am flying the heavy iron, (vintage & modern), that I underestimate the spool up time for the engines if I have  slowed down too much & the runway boundary is fast approaching.

So its full forward on the throttles & I just got enough thrust to keep out of the weeds, but the engines had given a massive 'kick in the backside', & a climb was underway.

So now I had the floaty landing scenario as I tried to bleed off speed 1/2 way down the runway!

Very inelegant.



Lined up pretty straight but trying to bleed off speed. The 787 is very slippery.



Floating down the runway after avoiding landing short.



I did get down ok & taxied to a spare  stand. I was stunned to notice once I had stopped that the air bridge, of its own accord, moved itself into position & made

a connection just as the A380 front door began to open. Brilliant!


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Super cool description as to what happens to probably many of us when flying jets and turbo props...lol. At least, I can relate. Nice three shots of that large bird coming back down to Earth.



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