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This Week's Meaningless Topic (#63) (Nov 20)

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Hi all. Forum reader John York has published several very nice novels (available on Amazon). I have put a four-book series of novels on Amazon and am working on a new book. As part of my latest research, I have stumbled on a number of memoirs and novels by people of Forum age who went ahead and wrote that book they had always wanted to write. Which leads to this week's topic.


THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Have you written and published a book or books? How can we order a copy (copies)?

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Well, yes.  But #1, it is rather dry reading, and doesn't have much of a plot.

And #2, it was published in 1989, so has been out of print for years.  A quick search on line did find it apparently available (and with very flattering ratings).  These may be used or remainders.  Anyway, here's the reference:


Karen Quinn and Kenneth Quinn, A Manual of the Old English Prose, NY, Garland Press. 1989. (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities).



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