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Will Orbx X Plane 11 products be compatible with XP 12 when released

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Hi There...


It was just a thought, I moved to XP11 from XP10 about a year ago after investing a lot in a high end simulator, however after having spent a lot on Orbx mesh products and airports, it dawned on me that if I move to XP12 when released next year that they might not be compatible, therefore just wondering before I buy more Orbx mesh products, could anyone please let me know if still compatible or will I need to buy them all again or should I stick with XP11 given from what I can find out the update from XP11 to XP12 is concentrating only on sky and cloud type cover and not really on mesh !

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Thanks for replying, yes I had heard that, but as you say nobody has actually confirmed it. Hence wondering if actually XP11 is still better with Orbx mesh rather than XP12 without !, though of course the downside is as se all know eventually XP11 wont be supported !

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