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The Volanta "Fright Sim" Halloween Challenge!


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As all good flight simmers should know
the scariest thing of them all
is a day without flying
with all of us crying
"I can't cope with this quiet, not at all!"


This Halloween season
You don't need scary reasons
to draw up your best
and we'll all be impressed
coz we know when we see a good one.


So pick up your broom
and don't you presume
that your fellow fliers
will quench their desires
by simply watch Twitch in their room.


Draw up something nice
To just break the ice
Hover 'round like a ghost
(we'll pick the best post)
and be sure to be back more than twice!


Join us for our Volanta "FRIGHT SIM" challenge this Halloween season by drawing any event related image of choice, using our 3D flight paths feature. Anyone with a Volanta account can enter, regardless of premium status! We have three total prize packages for those who come up with the best flight illustration:




1) First Place

2) Second Place

3) Third Place


  • Flights can be anywhere in the world.
  • No restrictions on aircraft type.
  • Not use slew, and not attempt to exploit the system.
  • Users must start and end their flight from the SAME airport.
  • Flight illustration must be Halloween themed.
  • Flight must be logged and viewable in Volanta (for us to verify).
  • Flights must be flown between  2021-10-18 07:00z and 2021-11-02 00:01z.
  • Submit their entry before the challenge ends on 2021-11-02 00:01z.
  • Participants are allowed one entry only!
  • Entries will be reviewed by our staff after the challenge ends.
  • Winners will be announced via our social channels the first week of November.

Note: If a Volanta Premium subscriber is selected as one of our winners, we will add the prize equivalent to the end of their current subscription cycle.


How to Enter

  1. Join our -> Volanta Discord <- channel
  2. Submit your entry in the "#halloween-challenge-2021" channel by adding your Flight URL along with an image of your flight path. Check the pinned post in that channel an example.

You can obtain the flight URL by: Opening Volanta, click on the "Flights" tab, navigate to your flight and select it. Hit the share button on the top of the flight screen. This will copy the URL to your clipboard. Paste the URL in the channel along with your entry!


An example of a valid entry:



We can't wait to see what our talented Volanta pilots come up with! Thanks to Volanta's powerful tracking system, the possibilities are endless! The image above gives you an example of what you could achieve. See you in the skies!



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