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Auckland City Pack - An Almost Perfect Addon with 1 Major Flaws.

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Auckland city pack is amazing yet I can't help but feel that something is off. There are super high-resolution bricks in some places, furniture in buildings but no apron in the heliport. Why put the effort into the builds for the helipad if not spend the time to put a ground apron in. Without it, this is almost unflyable. NZMB is an ICAO port why not allow you to spawn up there as an airport also...? Just seems so strange. I really hope that this can be fixed as then this may be the most detailed landmark pack from Orbx ever. 



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Thanks for your kind comments but take the point - landmarks were always about enhancing the scenery rather than producing new airports so didn't make it an issue. Maybe should have done.


That said, there are a few landable helipads in the scenery if you fancy trying them.


In testing I found it great fun. In terms of flying I'm working on it but controlled crashes are the best I'm managing at the moment!


A couple at the hospital



The ASB building



Cruise ship



Support vessel



All the best,



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Just a note in regards to the ASB building.   This hasn't being the ASB Buildibg for some years (I use to work in it), so it would be great to see these signs taken down.  It's now the Auckland City Council building.

Also would love to see more of the high rises depicted in Manukau depicted considering its on the approach to NZAA

Otherwise it's great addon for agreed price and will go well with the forthcoming NZAA addon 

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