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bad landing...lost...where could I be...? Damned !


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for sure a bad day B)




hum...where could I be...? Damned !


... ok my dear friend Lili is coming :-)








ps : this unknown area is really not in the North ...






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5 minutes ago, ftxpolo said:
44 minutes ago, jean marc said:

where could I be...? Damned !

If you see a couple of those little guys, you will have a good idea where you are.

!!! bingo :) !!! you are right ...


... well we did not speak their strange language but by wing-signs they showed us the direction to find the airfield and the boat... finally not a bad day B)








Great world of Antartica !!!!!!!!!!!!





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12 hours ago, carlosqr said:

Nicely made Jean Marc :)

Cool cold place Antactica is

glad you liked Carlos...quite less far from you than from Belgium to go there B) the place is really pleasant to fly ... I've only just started the exploration ...


12 hours ago, BradB said:

Grand set of shots from way down under mate , I picked this up a couple of weeks ago direct from AS . :):D

great you have it too :)  thank you


12 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Excellent shots jean marc, I did not Orbx  has scenery for Antarctica?

very happy of this partners agreement by Orbx ! great to explore this lost world !


9 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

Very adventurous and cold looking shots Jean-Marc, nicely done. Love the little story to go along with the pics too! :) 

this only the beginning O0 many thanks Landon

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3 hours ago, John Mac said:

Super shots and storyline!


quickly done with huge enthousiasm just after first minuts of flight - it could be better :lol: thanks


3 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Fine set of shots,



thank you very much Iain - this partnership is a great point - very happy for that and hoping new little such areas made by Orbx to explore into MSFS  :)

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