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answered Hills and rough edges at KSNA

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Not sure where to begin. I have True Earth So Cal and there are some weird hills around the 20L threshold area. I have attached a screen grab. This is custom KSNA scenery I downloaded off the .org. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Thanks in advance.



727-200F - 2021-10-01 15.18.12.png

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TE addons are designed to work with the default and/or Orbx made airport addons for the particular region.

Installing a 3rd party addon can cause issues with terrain as the TE addon has mesh included.

if the addon was freeware I can suggest that you try to flatten the airport addon to see if that resolves the bumps. I can assist in that but not until I know the origin of the addon.

Was the airport addon a payware version? If so you need to check with the addon developer regarding compatibility with TE SoCal

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I am afraid that it is not an airport that Orbx has control over and my attempt to flatten has obviously not worked

Try sending me the apt.dat file from the addon and I will see what I can do.

Bear in mind that this is an issue with the freeware airport and not the Orbx  TE SoCal addon and is the responsibility of the freeware airport dev to resolve as I repeat what I mentioned in my first response to you that TE Addons are designed to work wit default Laminar airports and Orbx Airport addons made for a specific TE addon.

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