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active White Sand And Glitched Textures On The Coast


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I have all Orbx Global products and I am experiencing the following issue where I see white sand around KSFO and glitched textures on the road intersection on my desktop computer but not on my laptop, despite having exactly the same addons. I had FSX installed before on my desktop computer and maybe that has something to do with this.


I made a simultaneous fresh installation on both computers BUT (IMPORTANT INFO) this problem only happened AFTER fixing the FSX path using the FSX Registry Tweak utility to be able to mess with the "Configure" option on Orbx Central, as it would not work before. Settings in the configurations are DEFAULT in both computers.


EDIT: I just noticed that most textures are also different and even loading the exact same saved flight file on both computers show different trees even. I'm guessing this is due to the installation on the desktop computer being corrupted due to the wrong FSX path. I will reinstall Orbx and report back. I attach below the new screenshots where this is now noticeable.


This is really weird, as Orbx Central has everything on installed on the right location path... for every addon.


Thanks in advance.





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