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4 hours ago, Flightsimmer001 said:

Hi! It would be soooo great if any of the Orbx teams could create again the famous BOB (pilotable first person simobject) for MSFS2020!

I would also gladly spend my money in the MSFS shop!!

Please, creators


Hi and welcome to the forums :)


I really enjoyed "Bob" when it was made available for FSX. 


However, I have found that the drone camera in MS2020 coupled with an XBox controller (even the last generation ones are more than adequate)

gives you control on perspectives that one could only dream about with BOB.


Seriously consider trying this option . I can guarantee that it will give you everything that BOB could offer plus a lot more :)




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Or, if still on a keyboard, allocate the number pad keys to the movements. 8 to fwd, 7 and 9 yo rotation or yaw, 4 and 6 to left and right, 5 to backwards, 2 to up, / key to down. Works better than BOB. 

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I think that Drone Cam does all that Bob does. However maybe you prefer the Avatar aspect that Bob gave i.e. a walking person. Drone Cam makes it more like Superman the way it can fly up and down and leap over tall buildings:)

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