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upgrading to windows 10

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hey guys


I know I am late with this..but need your opinion. I currently have FSX SE with all my Orbx and several add ons installed in my windows 7 PC. I have three partitions namely C (system drive), E (FSX installation drive, all add ons, steam) and F.


My query is as straightforward as it can be...Can i directly upgrade to windows 10 without uninstalling FSX SE and all the add ons associated? If i directly upgrade to windows 10...will i be able to directly start FSX SE once upgrade is done?


There is no hardware change..only change is the OS. please suggest if this can be done. I know there might be many who had FSX installed in win 7 who upgraded to windows 10. please let me know.




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On 9/16/2021 at 5:47 PM, John Dow said:

In my experience, having done it, the answer is yes.


As I recall it just updates to Windows 10 and at least 95% of my installed programs saw no change.  

so it wont affect FSX steam edition and none of the add ons associated right? I was thinking with respect to the activation....it wont affect activation right? since hardware is not changed..i feel windows 10 will just update system files and take to new os retaining every other program..correct?

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as long as you select this or its equivalent




all your software will continue to work as it did before, unless it is incompatible with Windows 10.

If it is, you will be notified.

All of the flight simulators that are Orbx compatible work in Windows 10 and all Orbx products

are compatible with Windows 10.



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