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Happy Birthday - Roger (Wakashi)


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20 hours ago, BradB said:

I hope you are enjoying some cooler weather down you way Roger . :):)




Thanks John, appreciate that, I figured I would have been forgotten by now since I don’t visit very often!  Keep thinking I’ll visit more, but pretty busy over at my new place!  Great weather here in downtown Oklahoma, hot and humid! :lol:

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19 hours ago, flyingleaf said:

Oh my goodness Roger. A belated but very Happy Birthday to you my Friend. Long time no hear. All the very Best and many more. Cheers k.:)

Thank you Karl, guess you can blame it on me for being MIA for a long time, doesn’t seem like enough hours in a day to do what needs doing let alone what you wanna do!  I’m gonna make an attempt to hang out here more in the future, it’s still one of my favorite forums! :D

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