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ESSB Stockholm-Bromma Airport. A little thank you note.

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Mr Filbert has also posted a shortish  pre-release video for Bromma

I give the link below with some reluctance.




Although overall his opinion is very favorable, he does have some reservations about satellite ground textures & the night lighting.

I have my fingers crossed that that does not spur Marcus to delay matters while he tweaks them

I would exhort him to release this week because the reality is that a masterpiece is never finished.

& no doubt some punter will complain that they found chewing gum under their seat on the airport Light Rail train & could it be removed please.

Night lighting, ground textures & chewing gum can be dealt with in an update.:)


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hey guys!


wow update requests even before release, that’s something new! :)


we will add visby in an update and if urgent issues would arise we havent been able to pick up in beta then those will of course also be corrected in that update. Other than that i think you should only buy the product if you think it currently meets your expectations with the knowledge you currently have about the product and not for what might be adjusted further along. Think that goes for all products.

its an extensive product already and im proud of what we managed to accomplish. 


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3 hours ago, Marcus Nyberg said:

its an extensive product already and im proud of what we managed to accomplish. 

And with that nothing else needs to be said.  Wheels up any day now. And Ilike others, will be glad to be "stock" at "home" at Bromma exploring on any day after its release..:)

Excellent work...CC ready

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It looks fantastic in all the screenshots and videos I've seen, with great attention to detail and really capturing the atmosphere. If in the future Marcus chooses to add Visby or look to improve ground textures or add interior modelling to terminals, or anything else for that matter, then that's a bonus. I'll be buying it as soon as it released.

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2 hours ago, PiotrMKG said:

For those of us, that use Pilot2ATC I made a correction files that fix this airport in this program. You can find more airport improvements here: https://flightsim.to/discover/pilot2aTC



@Marcus Nyberg could You tell us, what's next?

Pilot2ATC ESSB Taxiways and Gates V1.rar 7.86 kB · 0 downloads

ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda :)

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