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No AI traffic and no ATC-messages any more

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Hallo everybody,


I've got the following question:

- I installed the Orbx AI Traffic for Australia and USA a long time ago, and firstly it worked very well: a lot of aircrafts in each Australian airport surrounded me at any gate, as it should. Since months, however, all the AI traffic vanished without any reason.


My P3D4.5 is the newest (and latest) version, does anybody have an idea? Of course the settings witches in my simulator, e.g., allow 100% of all kind of traffic.


Furthermore, I observe similar effects in the following ways:

- I'm alone on the world - fomerly, there where many aircrafts from VATSIM, especially in the USA, around me during flight or any airport, but now there's none any more.

- My ATC is silent, too - normally, you are logged from tower to tower like "You're leaving Sydney region, switch to Melbourne frequency", but like before my ATC is silent: "There's no message to transfer to nowhere".


Does anybody have an idea what could have happened? I'm looking for any kind of P3D4-switch like "Disengage / Engage all messages and traffic" or similar, maybe in one of the config-files. But until now, I didn't find anything.


And: I posted the same questions in the P3D-Forum, but now one had any kind of help for me.


Regards and Thanks in advance if you could held me, gero

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Check any new packages you may have installed about the time your AI traffic disappeared. The problem could be a FS9 compiled traffic file somewhere within your system. Most of the older traffic packages from WOAI and MAIW were compiled as FS9. Some 3rd party airport packages may have their own custom traffic files which could be FS9 ones as well.


FS9 and FSX/P3D traffic files are compiled in a different manner and if FSX or P3D find even one FS9 traffic file (for AI aircraft or AI ships etc.) it will disable all FSX and P3D compiled traffic files and give precedence to the FS9 one.


AI Flight Planner (AIFP3) by Don Grovestine has a search option to help locate any FS9 traffic files on your system.   

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Hi Graham,


your hint is a pretty good idea, and could be an existing FS9-file is the reason.


So I scanned my Traffic files by means of AIFP3, and it found ONE FS9-file (it also had the extension .bgl). I compiled it into FSX (and P3d, which is the same, with some compilation remark that airports are included, but I think this doesn't matter), and the old one got the ending _FS9.bgl, as it should. I shifted the original one to another place on my harddrive, and when I restarted P3D4, the scenery library was rebuild as it should be.


BUT all this helped nothing up to now ... furthermore, no AI-traffic, no messages, no ATC traffic .... as before.


Think I'll study the help on AIFP3 in detail, maybe I find more hints that could help me.


At this point, a lot of thanks for your idea! Regards, Gero

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Once again hallo everybody,


in the meantime, I tried everything: I looked for FS9-files, especially with much help from Don Grovestine directly for AIFP3 (thanks Don!), but there are none (none were found). I disabled ALL my scenery addons which are more than 200 (except those belonging directly to P3D4) and afterwards enabled them again, I even deleted the up-to-date-client of P3D4.5 (Hotfix 3) and replace it by an older version - all this helped nothing at all.


I'm still alone in my flight world, no starting or landing of other aircrafts, no AI aircrafts in Australia at other gates, no ATC-voices during the filght, no air traffic around me.


I don't know what to do else. Installing the hole P3D4.5 once more is too difficult for reasons that are easily to understand, especially with respect to all the add-ons of aircrafts and sceneries.


If anyone has an idea ... you're highly welcome. But me, I'm close to give up all my efforts to reactivte AI traffic, and stay alone worldwide.


Regards, gero

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