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Volanta Product question


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53 minutes ago, vegasjon777 said:

Does anyone know if the "Volanta Flight Parties" feature allows model matching or something similar to JoinFS or POSCON? Can you see your friends aircraft when jioned in a party or is on the map view only?


Hi Jon,


Currently, we do not have this functionality. Nothing is injected into the simulator as it's all within Volanta. Although, we may look at a way to implement this for a future update.


Thank you,

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8 hours ago, vegasjon777 said:

Sounds good and thanks for the reply! Appreciate it! Our VA is looking for an alternative to the 2 online group flight apps I mentioned, and I think Volanta would be a great app in this space someday...


Thanks for the kind comments! I've added this to our feedback list and will discuss with the dev's in our next planning session.


Thank you!

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