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Installed airports direct to Prepar3D v4 using Orbx Central but directories do not exist

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Hi guys,


Please see attached files.


This is a problem I have not come across before.


I have installed 3 Orbx Canadian airports CYVR, CYLW and CYEG direct to my Prepar3d v4 directory (not my Library) using Orbx Central. When I go to My Computer and search for the relevent directories that should have been created by Orbx Central, they are not there. When I load P3D it comes up with error boxes saying it can't find the relevent scenery areas for these airports. I have tried uninstalling these airports and reinstalling them again. I have also verified the files for these airports.


When I look at my Scenery.cfg file after trying to load these airports in P3D, the Active=True has changed to Active=False.


Can somebody please help me with this problem?


Kindest regards











Scenery.cfg CYVR CYLW CYEG.jpg

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Hi Nick,


The 3 airports are not in my FSimStudios directory. The only one that is in there is CYYC.


When you suggest that I should delete my three scenery library entries, do you mean the 3 entries in my scenery.cfg?


Kindest regards



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