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active Iris Jabiru Trim issues

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I have sent a request off to IRIS systems today but am posting this in case other have the same issue. I have seen that IRIS does not seem to be very responsive to some of the support requests  that I have reviewed on this site so it will be interesting to see if they respond promptly to this issue. I understand that this in not an Orbx product but never the less I bought the product from you  (Orbx) so I am posting this here.


The issue:-

On the Jabiru 160 /170  version 1.45 (which I think is the current version):

The trim assignment when an axis is used - as distict from a key assignment - is reversed since MSFS update 5, so forward trim / nose down is actually giving a nose up movement. This is as compared to MSFS included aircraft ie C152 etc.

The keyboard assignment seems to work as normal. I have seen a similar issue on one other aircraft (which has now been fixed).


Any feedback would be of interest from existing Jabiru users.



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IRIS has been in touch, they seem to prefer Facebook / messenger for interaction rather than email. An update is in the pipeline but no date as yet. BTW they are not alone many planes seem to have the reversed trim/axis issue - another V5 update issue it seems.

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As of October 9th Iris still have not updated their product, I again asked and was told we are going to update but no idea when. Customer service does not seem to be their priority so quite honestly I will not be buying again from them and frankly I would not recommend others to do so. 


Very dissappointing. 

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9 hours ago, pilot100 said:

And as a final note I see that Iris has taken the Jabiru off their own website so that does not exactly instill confidence in the long term support for their products.


I would think it has more to do with Orbx Central being the best platform for their needs, but who knows?



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