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one of them duh! moments

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So I'd flown in the Carenado Ovation (can't move the fuel switch), leaving Manchester and heading East across country until I reached the sea, I then headed North for about 30 minutes......at this point I set EGCC in the GPS as my destination, clouds were at about 4000ft and I was at 3500, sometimes touching the bottom of the clouds...flight was going well, live weather was making it so immersive, the whole experience was fantastic and I was having a really enjoyable flight.....I'm now 7 minutes out from EGCC, get ready to land and thinking yeah this was a good one....now I was flying in windowed mode as I had something else open that I occasionally wanted to check, anyway the mouse went outside the sim window at the top, you get some options show, I think like Resize, close etc.....normally right click and it's gone, stupidly I left click and to my disbelieve I clicked Close, bang sim gone......I was gutted, and I can't even post any shots because this was before I bought the GB Central area......


lesson learned- concentrate on what you're clicking......

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