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answered Landmarks London City Pack - loading screen freeze

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I assume the developers must have identified the problem quite early, given the turn-around time, maybe as early as the first reports appeared on this forum? in which case kudos to them. Is there any chance on them saying what the cause of the issue was?


Just curious as it may give a clue as to what scenery may be more immune to sim update problems than others... and whether future scenery is best purchased from the Market Place or from Orbx Central.


Was there a difference in the MP and OC versions? I didn't think there was.

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12 hours ago, SteveG7RTA said:

Still no updates in the Marketplace. Any idea how long it takes to appear?


Thank you


Unfortunately Orbx have no control over how long it takes Asobo/Microsoft to add updates of addons to the Marketplace.

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I would like to bring something to your attention. (just in case it might be affecting)


After having a nightmare with the CTD now every time I install an add-on I run the addon linker tool to find potential conflicts, you know that famous one of the materials etc.


I run it today after the update London airport showed up in the list as well as the seafront core vessels




Second step is to rename the material stuff etc. 





I am not an expert on this, of course, but as far as I understand this tool renames the marterial bgl ( I think) to avoid conflicts with other seceneries that could have the same "structure" or name or whatever.


But if an user doesn't have this Add-on liker, I wonder if he has a collection of potential conflicting sceneries with this material bgl issue and this causes the crash with London. And I think this issue is independent from which store you bought the product from, I guess.


Just a thought..

As I said I am not an expert but it worth evaluating it.






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Another week an no update on the marketplace. A month after an update was sent seems like time enough.

In other threads where there's talk about this problem (and Dubai), there were posts from the Orbx team after the update was said to have been sent, mentioning that this was a photogrammetry issue, others say it's a marketplace issue or that the problem needs to be solved. Was this issue definitely solved and an update sent to MS?

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I have exactly the same issue as others in this thread.  London City pack purchased through the Marketplace.  Freezes about 2/3 of the way through loading a flight.  I have tried everything anyone else has listed here.  I have tried with no other mod or addon.  Everything is updated and current.  Same thing regardless of which plane.  Without the Orbx LCA pack, the standard MSFS London City Airport works normally.  This has gone on since I bought it and I waited assuming Orbx would step up. 

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Hello all,


Just to add I have the freezing issue upon loading. 


- Happens only when Orbx London Landmarks is installed

- Tried fresh install of MSFS2020

- Deleted everything in community folder and only had London Landmarks 

- Tried both with and without EGLC and EGMC add-ons

- Tried deleting cache 

- The sim freezes regardless of what airport I start at that is near London, Gatwick, Heathrow Southend, City, Rochester, Manston, all of them have the same issue


This is with EGLC, EGMC and London Landmarks purchased from the in-game marketplace. All worked until the SU5 launch. Now the loading bar gets to 60-75% and locks the sim up freezing it until I close it in task manager









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34 minutes ago, Ed Correia said:

MS have identified the issue lies with the file encryption process and our guess it was introduced with the last sim update.

We expect this update to go out in this week’s marketplace updates with a temporary measure in place. 

Sorry Ed, just wanted to confirm. Will developers have to send MS an update or is that an internal fix for the marketplace team?



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Another Marketplace update has gone by without this updated version... I'm guessing that I will now have to buy this pack directly through Orbx as they don't seem to be offering any way of swapping versions. I shouldn't have been so naïve in the first place to think that the Marketplace was actually going to be helpful ^-^


I've since bought further products directly with Orbx but I'll have to give in and buy this one again too!

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15 hours ago, Holger Sandmann said:

Hi there,


hmm, according to today's release announcement, both London and Dubai service packs for PC have made it to the Marketplace, and London also to the Xbox. If they aren't visible yet they hopefully will be soon.




Cheers, Holger


Perfect timing! I think i'll still purchase a copy in Orbx central to ensure I get the updates a bit faster though ^-^


I can confirm it's available in content manager to be updated however it's release date is July 27th but we will never forget! 

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