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Unable to "mask" Orbx TrueEarth NorCal imagery with ADE Airport Polygon

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Hey guys,


I make retro scenery and recently made 10 different versions of KSMF from 1970 thru 2009 that I plan to release soon, but I am unable to mask the Orbx imagery with an airport polygon.








Normally, creating an airport polygon to exclude autogen and mask the area in ADE will allow one to build or modify an airport anywhere regardless of imagery. But for some reason, nothing will mask the Orbx images both here in SMF (as I try to exclude the newer portions of the airport) and at SJC, both of which are covered by my TrueEarth NorCal scenery. I am using the latest version of P3Dv4. The SMF scenery is at the very top of my scenery library, I have deleted all Orbx files associated with KSMF.


Any help is appreciated!





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