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Brisbane International Airport - YBBN

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I purchased this product yesterday and when I went to try to "fly"at Brisbane it immediately Crashed to desktop. I tried this a few times and same happened. I tried reinstalling and rebooting but always get the same result.


I have about 12 products so far which have not caused me any problems at all.


Any help for an old man who is also a bit of a newbie would be greatly appreciated thanks


Your transaction ID / receipt number is 6109fd96b4c2f.

YBBN Brisbane International Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator


$16.72 AUD

Subtotal: $16.72 AUD

GST (10%): $1.67 AUD

Total: $18.39 AUD

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Hi, welcome to the forums


Please first rename your Community folder to CommunityX.


Then create a new Community folder and install just this one product.


Then try again please.


You could also try deleting the content.xml, and the .dat files in the Scenery Indexes folder, and also deleting and turning off the rolling cache.



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