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My 'take' on the up and coming W11...

Orbx Flyer

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From a lot of reading of what present system owners, might or might not do, when it is released, I feel that there are very many present system owners (that can't run XP11 because lack of the Security Chip onboard their present M.B., and have no intention (as I...) of going out to update a perfectly running system under a W10 M.B. merely to acquire it.  


Therefore, I predict that when M.S. sees the very low adoption rate/uptake (if that,...of course..) but if they do, that they will create a version of W11, that can run on current W10 systems, to swell the adoption rate.  Nobody really knows from a flight simulation 'interest' , if in fact anything that comes with W11, will very much ramp up the experience.  That alone, would be a factor for low adoption amongst our crowd. We'll all have to wait and see, but if they do come out after-the-fact with a version that WILL update without the present conditions for such, I'll bite then.


Personally, they want to push you to that Security Chip...but,   we'll see how many actually adopt W11 under that requirement, that do NOT have the chip, or can not install the chip even if wanting to do so, on their present system, that runs their flight sims just fine.

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this is:


1. a) a bit to early to be posting, Windows 11 is only just released for testing and there

has already been a huge amount of feedback in places where Microsoft will be looking,

such as the built in developer feedback.


b) Support for Windows 10 is reported to be ending on 14th October 2025, four years and

three months from now, so the there really is no urgency and there is plenty of time for things to change.


2. although the minimum spec PC for MSFS  will not comply with the current minimum specs

for Windows 11, by definition, the recommended spec PC already does.


3. I have installed and am using Windows 11, so as to avoid the need to post speculation instead of facts.

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