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Is Dubai landmarks eventually coming to the in-game marketplace?


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I've been looking forward to downloading the 'new' Dubai landmarks pack, as it somewhere I like to fly.  But it's been more than a couple weeks since release now, and there's no sign of it on the in-game marketplace.


Does anyone know if it'll ever make it's way there?


I have tried to make a policy recently, that I buy all my content from the in-game store, since my earlier method of grabbing content immediately from whatever developer website it was available on, left me going manually to various websites at least once a week to re-download the package for an update, that I have to manually copy into the community folder.  Don't get me wrong, Orbx central is a lot better than that, but still, I'd rather just be able to occasionally go to the in-game content manager -> updates available -> select all -> update, than to have to go to multiple places to check for updates.


Anyway, I'm hoping there's just some delay in getting it signed off for the in-game store, and that it'll turn up eventually, but after ~3 weeks, I'm starting to lose faith.

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I share your desire for simplicity in add-on management! 

I wish MSFS had some sort of alert on its' home screen when an installed product had a update available.  When MSFS finishes loading, I'm always itching to fly and forget to go to the content manager screen to look for updates.  Earlier this week I actually remembered to check and found 23 updates available!


Over the years I've gone gone back and forth between buying from the developer versus a distributor or a game's store. 

In general, I find that distributors (like Steam) make management and updates pretty simple. 

However, purchases from developers often get faster updates and sometimes have additional content.  For instance, if you buy the MilViz Corsair from MilViz, it comes with bombs.  If you make the purchase from the MSFS store, no bombs.  Not trying to change your mind, just something to consider.


Hope you enjoy Dubai as much as I do!







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