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Che bello, Bella

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Terrace "international" offers 3 runways - an advantage in every wind direction, but time consuming when taxiing.


It is just a short hop on a misty evening...


... to Kitimat harbour. Does not look like cruise ships here.


The coastal mountains look great on the way south...


... to Bella Bella, ...


... where we turn east over King Island...


... and dive into the Burke Channel.


There is a village at the channel´s end.


You have guessed it already: It is Bella Coola.


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Thank you for watching & commenting, @Iain Emms, @lifejogger, @wain71, @Taph, @John Mac, @adambar.


20 hours ago, Bullfox said:

Terrace (CYXT) in British Columbia is a great little airport in a beautiful little valley.  

Thanks Bullfox. Indeed the location is great, and the details around the airport as well.


19 hours ago, TerribleT said:

Another fine set, great scenery, great aircraft and great commentary, thank you!

My pleasure TT. This region is fun to fly with all these good views.

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16 hours ago, Steve Colbert said:

Great set!

Thank you Steve!


13 hours ago, JohnnyJohnJohn said:

Looks good Gerold!  Well done on those shots!

It´s a pleasure to fly in sceneries like these...

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