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Orbx NZQN - runway texture and photoreal taxiways (P3D v5.2)

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Hi. I just bought the Orbx NZQN scenery and installed it onto P3D v5.2 running the latest Hotfix 1 ( When I load into NZQN, the runway texturing appear to be flickering. 

 Furthermore, taxiway A,  for light aircraft is not visible. It is a photoreal image that is being shown.

 I do have NZ-South Island installed as well. Have uninstalled and re-installed both of them but to no avail. 

I haven't yet done a flight from elsewhere into Queenstown. So I cannot say if the "runway texture' missing problem is also existent.

Have attached some screenshots as well below.





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Amazing!!! Yes, it is now fixed.

There is a lot of shimmering/flickering with rhe runway edge line/centreline. Not really an issue to turn me away, but it is noticeable. 


Also another thing I noted is that the runway lighting doesnot work if you load into NZQN in the day and when it transitions to night. However, they do work when you directly load at night, albeit the light looks like squares.

Any chance of dynamic lighting to be added?

Thanks a lot for the taxiway update.

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Awesome. Looking forward to it.


Oh and btw, I have a small query. I apologise as it might not be appropriate under this section, but I feel it needs to be asked.

I purchased the Singapore city pack for MSFS and is incredibly well done. However, I noticed that it doesnot cover the entire city. There are portions which are left out like the Sentosa Island Resort/amusement park, etc. Will it be added in a later update?

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