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Orbx Innsbruck no ground textures showing Prepar3D V4.5 (latest Version)

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Dear Orbx Community,


I bought your Orbx Innsbruck scenery 2 days ago. Today after I installed it, I wanted to test my scenery and everything worked except the ground textures. The runway, the parking positions and the taxiways have no ground textures. I already checked my Orbx ObjectFlow and my Orbx Libraries but this didn't help. I use Orbx Global and sceneries, that's it. My transaction id is: 60df6dd1243f0

I also had a look at my scenery configurator, and Orbx Global is selected as it should be, I also tried it with a different setting but it didn't help. I was already reading in other forum threads but no one was able to fix my issue. I also didn't touch my P3D scenery library, everything looks normal. I also tried readding the scenery to the scenery library.



Here are some screenshots:







Please help me.





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On 7/5/2021 at 3:56 PM, Aviator_Kevin_HD said:

I got it working, my sim didn't find the ObjectFlow folder in the default folder, so I created a new Orbx Library myself in Documents and then it asked me to activate it! And that is the result:


HI sir looks like your activerunway spawn works

could i plz ask for a copy of an file named
.........\ORBX_LIB\p3dv4\LOWI Innsbruck Airport\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_LOWI\Scenery\Westsim_Innsbruck_GP_P3D.BGL

my lowi has plane crash because of this file

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