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active P3Dv5.2 - ground in place of the sea

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I am experiencing a very unusual issue with ground in place of water (see the picture).

It is close to Dubrovnik (LDDU-LDSP flight).

I do not use any 3rd party mesh. The 5.2 is a clean install after 5.1 uninstallation.

All Orbx sceneries and regions that are allowed to be installed in the library outside the sim, are installed there (the same SSD disc I use for P3D).

I do not use Orbx vector (use the Black Marble one).

After all common remedy actions (synchronization via Orbx Direct etc.), I tried to delete generated files. Before Orbx sceneries reactivation the problem was gone.

After xml reactivation the issue is back.


Can you help me please?


Thank you, Jan




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for those who had this problem, a new version 1.2.2 has been released, and now it seems to be fixed ...
but still no new F taxiing and DME for ILS rwy 11 has been added... also papi lights should be for both runways only on the left (need to remove the extra ones on the right)......

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