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In cockpit view.


Operation of pedal toe brakes - no pedal animation. EXCEPT double toe brakes and/or left toe brake cause the brake lever to lift. Right toe brake has no animation at all. Also, the hand brake lever does not lock unless ctrl "." is used.

What is the RW brake system? Pull the handle? Seems wrong to me, but hey, I hve never seen an Optica IRL.

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I've been wondering this myself.  However the notes for the aircraft indicate that the original Opticas didn't have differential braking.  It was added to this MSFS model to make ground handling easier.  So the differential braking wasn't modelled.  If you prefer to taxi more realistically, you should use both of your toe brakes together, or for full realism pull back on the brake lever as required.



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In the manual it states that the handbrake is used for toe braking and there are two click spots, the front of the handle is for braking and the rear click spot is for parking brake.

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