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Welcome to New England! Welcome to Block Island State Airport- Released!

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On 5/30/2021 at 4:47 PM, BradB said:

Looks doubtful , but I would say ; I have several Gaya airports and they do excellent work . :(:)

We all do. They make most of the "free" Asobo airports that are in the World Updates. It would seem that is the main reason we haven't seen many new Gaya airports since that initial set of releases shortly after MSFS's launch. Welcome back, Gaya!

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Thanks for the great comments guys! 

We are indeed pretty busy with the world updates production (and not only with the airports of those), however we also keep following and creating our roadmap products as planned and already invested in. We have just released ENCN Kristiansand a while ago and a lot of amazing and exciting things coming soon :) in addition to the amazing KBID. 

There are few major difference between Gaya airports to the airports we developing as part of the world updates. Ill find the time to write some post explain the whole logic, concept and development behind (very interesting to understand and see the very massive production we running).


Meanwhile, soon we all could enjoy the sunny Block Island! :) 



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Block Island State Airport- getting closer !
Features list:
  • Custom made and very authentic projected mesh (ground poly) with PBR textures (the right cracks, liquid asphalt, skid marks and much more!). Of course with the correct slope to make it challenging as real as it gets.
  • Ultra high details render of KBID airport and it's surrounding.
  • Animated cars and flags.
  • Custom made and accurately pained static aircrafts (include the New England Airline BN-2 Islander).
  • Custom made roads traffic (north American style ) for large area over the island.
  • Custom made and accurate taxi signs and runway/taxiway lamps.
  • Very detailed terminal and parking areas (yeah, Bethany's Airport Diner included :D ).
  • Custom cars with Rhode Island plates (for full immersion...).
  • Populated with summer-style people for the right vacation mode.

And more.....

KBID-1 copy.jpg


KBID-2 copy.jpg


KBID-3 copy.jpg

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Fantastic! I made an account just to say thanks, this looks great. I've been learning to use the SDK and I just got the runway leveled properly, and was getting into taxiways when i came across this gathering reference photos for the buildings; had no idea your project existed hah, but I have a much better appreciation now for how much work you've put into it! Looking forward to flying it and maybe I'll spend some time improving Westerly instead.


A couple side questions; one, any chance the Block Island Airlines livery would fit on the BN-2 by black box sim? Second, being such a small island, would you consider adding a couple missing vfr objects to the island, namely the two lighthouses? Both are functioning still

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Thanks for the warm words guys! Me and the whole team are really happy to read it. 

@peteeWe had no plans to have but I think they worth the making. It won't be ready for the release but we already added it into our art production queue and it will be added as update. 

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  • Raz Goeta changed the title to Welcome to New England! Welcome to Block Island State Airport- Released!

Thanks for the Love shown to Little Rhody. We get left out of a lot of scenery requests and updates, so it was nice to get a legitimate and accurate representation of the Ocean State. I bought it the moment it was available as KBID is one of my home fields.


A quick question - is the boat traffic in the harbor part of the Gaya , and does it dynamically change? I'm pretty sure it's not the marine traffic Community Mod I have loaded, but just wanted to confirm.


I'm sure your project portfolio is very full between supporting Asobo's World Updates and your own product lifecycle plans, but I'll put in a request now to update some of the major VFR scenery in the Ocean State, namely the three main bridges that are prominently seen in Narragansett Bay: The Newport-Pell, Jamestown and Mount Hope. I can live with everything else autogen but not seeing these distinctive structures, especially the Newport-Pell, takes the wind out of immersion.


Good job and keep up the good work!

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Hi @Casualclick

Thanks for your kind and cool words :) 

The boats- those are models we positioned there (it's part of Gaya KBID) to give some authentic looking for the harbor area. Boats are statics.  

As for adding new VFR landmarks around (POIs...)- will consider it for a future update. Can't say and promise which and when. 



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I love flying here, and the little details like the license plates, thanks again for this. My only request would be for a dirt parking spot - for some reason i enjoy pulling the zlin cub onto dirt for shutdown. And my only nitpick would be the civilian by the front door forever leaning in to take that step...the tension is palpable haha


I managed to get a couple complementary New England Airlines liveries together for the BBS BN-2, anyone wants to fly some local routes. I just uploaded at flightsim.to, not sure the linking policy here, or any better spot to share





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smaller photos
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