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Avalon by night ..... KAVX


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So the last time we met, we were on our way back to LA. Winds and sea state were good and we thought , whoppee , we'll have the rest of the 
weekend off.


But just as we were going out the door, our boss caught up with us.
"Would you mind, going back out to Santa Catalina? We have a new
night camera system and it would be an ideal place to test it out.
Game on ?


So the story unfolds



Pete (official scribe ) 




My copilot is furiously reading the instruction manual on the way out, often muttering words which sound a different language to me.


We come up to Love Cove and she says, just do a hover. This camera is rather neat.


It s a drone , made by a French company called Asobo, but it does say  in the manual its compatible with Windows 10 if that helps.

(I'm already starting to shake, and it's not with excitement).


So they installed it underneath, I'll fire it up she says , I got this little wireless control which she waves at me.

Strange it looks   just like the XBox one my nephew uses for Robolox and Minecraft. B)


It will transmit back to us, so I've got it on record. It will also track with us when 
we're flying.  It looks pretty cool .....:)


My only comment. Just don't dump it in the water.!! :rolleyes:


It's transmitting .... well the darn thing actually works ;)




It is kinda cool to see us from down there ...









Amazing I'm fascinated .... Never knew that they had this here ...
















Well that seems to work really well.  She says we're done , so back to KAVX . We're going to stay the night.  After what we saw with the drone

it should be a fun time.  :)



We'll just set down to my left. Basically where we started from this morning ....



Don't get bored as we come down. I have a bit of a surprise in store ....





And we're down, right by the  pylon  



My partner. She's the one who ran the drone. First time too. I think she did pretty well with it.


Well it looks like we're pretty much done for the evening now




Thanks for coming with us.  :)

And the surprise ....

Please don't tell my bosses, but this was the first time for me too.  


Picked a landing spot, hovered and gently touched down
It was great . Hope it wasn't too bumpy for you :D

Tell next time !!




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13 minutes ago, olderndirt said:

Nice repartee with the viewers Pete.  Your lighting proves up your theories and investigation but what is that thing with the conning tower at the dock?


I think its the new MS2021 "Sea Sim" B)


But with Mr. H  @Ken Hall involved, I go weak at the knees thinking about some of the possibilities :o

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17 hours ago, Tim Harris said:

Great story and night shots Pete!

The Sub is the 'The Nautilus Semi-Submarine' https://catalinaadventuretours.com/tours/ocean-excursions/semi-submarine-nautilus/

Thanks Tim:)

I appreciate it


I just read the info on the link.  That is well worth doing 




14 hours ago, John Mac said:

Great shots Pete and a wonderful storyline to start my day!!!!


Thanks JM

Hope the rest of the day had gone well also 




14 hours ago, Ken Hall said:

Thanks Pete, Avalon comes alive at night, especially with that sunset awesome shots, the nautilus is not just another yellow sub, glad you found it.

Thanks Ken

I really enjoyed the Mediterranean vibe of the town and the sea front:)

I was a bit surprised when I came across it , but the attention of detail that has been added here

is just amazing :)


One runs out of superlatives very quickly !




13 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Great set of shots.



Thank you Iain

See you



11 hours ago, boetie said:

Wow. It looks great at night. Thanks for sharing Pete.


Graeme :)

Thanks Graeme

It does indeed - the whole community just seems to come alive :)

Almost felt like I was actually there when I was roaming about

Cheers & Thanks!



9 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Love your night shots Pete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks John

Take care



55 minutes ago, VH-KDK said:

A tremendous series of views showing off the excellent scenery.

Thanks Martyn


Pete :)

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