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Okavango Delta default installation improvement

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I would like to suggest an improvement to your MSFS Okavango Delta installation.

2 additional items need to be located in the Community Folder. They are subfolders of the base folder, Okavango Delta, but automatically linking them to the community folder would be helpful (they help the scenery be explored and would probably increase purchasers satisfaction).


They are found in: Okavango Delta\Community\sws-scenery-okavangodelta\Missions\SWS\BushTrips

1) sws-bushtrip-okavangoairshuttle
2) sws-bushtrip-okavangoanimalspotting


I finally found them and linked the subfolders to my Community Folder. Orbx should provide these already linked, just as a suggestion. 


They then appear in the MSFS Activities - Bush Trips section.


Thank you for your time.

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