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Landmarks Paris City: CTD with latest update

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I just wanted to report some recent findings with the latest 1.1 update to Landmarks Paris City, which allegedly addresses compatibility issues with WU4.


I started having CTDs after installing this new update on 3 for 3 flights attempted:


LSZS > LFPO - CTD on short final Rwy 24 LFPO

LFPO > EGGP attempt #1 - CTD after reaching cruise north of Paris, almost to English Channel

LFPO > EGGP attempt #2 - CTD, approx. same location as attempt #1


I uninstalled Paris Landmarks, deleted the Content.XML file, rebooted the PC, restarted the sim and I'm now on 3 for 3 flights after this within the same areas with no CTD.


I'm concerned this update is still not compatible with WU4, and also wondering why there isn't a configuration button as there is with the London City update for those that have the WU installed and those that do not?



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