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Just moved MSFS to new SSD - how to I reset Orbx

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As the title says have just moved my main MSFS install(I mean the "packages" folder which includes the "community" and "official" folders)  to a new SSD - sim is running ok.

However I now need to redo my Orbx add ons (I have around 10) - these are located in a library folder on my C drive and they have the "link" into my community folder........obviously the link's are now no longer working as my community folder has been moved to a new drive......

1)How do I get the add on's working again with the new drive?

2)Think I will keep the Orbx "library folder" on the C drive - but if I wanted to move the library folder also to the new drive what's the easiest way to do this?

Note I can see no option within the Orbx central software to show it the location of my new "community" folder/msfs drive so any help appreciated to get it all working again....?

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Yes i did move in the recommended way and the userCFG has the "new" packages folder route.

However when I go into the moved "community" folder there are empty folders for all the Orbx sceneries (without the small mark at the top right which suggests a "linked" folder)so they do not appear to be working. Would you suggest delete and reinstall the packages to get them working?

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