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MSFS Content Manager - Orbx Community Folder Items Not Installed

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I apologize for the dumb question - I looked for a similar question and did not see it.  I am just starting in MSFS space.  I purchased a few items from Orbx and ran the Orbx Central program to download and install in my community folder.  I see the items in the Community folder and the Orbx Central tool states all are installed, but in the MSFS Content Manager, the items are listed but indicate that they are not installed and the status is "Waiting".  Also, there is an item listed in the Content Manager named PackageManagerDisabled.  I added the Package Manager tool as well and this item appeared but with disabled listed in the name perhaps there is an overriding access issue?   In addition, I had to install Weather Force in my specific Orbx directory per the guidelines.  It too is listed as installed in Orbx Central, however, I don't see anything in MSFS.  Again, sorry for the dumb questions, but how can I get the MSFS Content Manager to install the versions (or show that they are installed), and is there anything to this PackageManagerDisabled that might be causing an issue?  I appreciate your time, guidance, and help!

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welcome to the forums.

This is an anomaly introduced by Asobo in the latest update.

In fact, it does not matter.

If a third party addon appears in the Content Manager as "Not installed"

this means that it is installed.

If an addon is truly not installed, it does not appear in the list at all.

Rex Weather Force does not appear in the Content Manager because it is not

a content item in MSFS.



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