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resolved Serious mesh issues at Grant Regional 5JO in Oregon

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this airport appears to have the ICAO code of KGCD in P3D v5.



Grant County Regional Airport - GCRA (IATA: JDA, ICAO: KGCD, FAA LID: GCD, formerly 5J0)


If you are seeing it as 5J0 (it's 5J zero, not O), perhaps you have a conflicting addon,

a navigation data update or AI software for example?


Unfortunately, it also appears in True Earth Oregon as 5J0 and this also causes the same anomaly.


I am not a developer but I have made a rough and ready conversion for you and attach the files.

They should be placed into ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_!OR_05_SCENERY\scenery.


Before you start P3D, you must:


1. Remove ADE_FTX_OR_5J0_Grant_Co_Regl-Ogilvie and


from the ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_!OR_05_SCENERY\scenery folder.


2. Isolate and remove the software that was showing you 5J0 in P3D v5 before you added TE Oregon.


Then you should see this:





ADE_FTX_OR_KGCD_Grant_Co_Regl-Ogilvie.bgl ADE_FTX_OR_KGCD_Grant_Co_Regl-Ogilvie_CVX.bgl

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That made it better.  The runways are on the ground now and it solved the problem with the program moving at warp speed to the airport instead of opening at the airport.  However, there are still issues with mesh pyramids around the edge of the airport.  Twould however be nice to see some weeds around the apron.


Despite problems with this airport I went ahead and and downloaded True Earth Washington and True Earth N. California.  A bit over two hours each.  I will do True Earth S. California tomorrow am when I am doing other things besides Flight simming.  Might eventually go to True Earth Florida.  


I have been on a new system for about a month.  The system is based on a liquid cooled Ryzen 3800 and Radeon 5700XT.  Its currently 690 gb on a 2 tb m2 drive.  Basically there is nothing on it but Win 10, P3Dv5, Orbx, Rex Sky Force, and 3 A2A aircraft, and a couple of Alabedo airplanes .


I bought all the components for this system in January last year.  My son was going to come up from the SF Bay Area and we were going to build it together.  But then the virus struck and he was unable to come up to Oregon.  We were both able to be vaccinated before he came up last month and we finally built the new system.   It works great flying  A2A around the western US.  I have not seen any frame rate drop in True Earth.  If anything it is a bit smoother.  


Thanks for help with this problem.  

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